The return to school model we are currently implementing has proven popular with all our stake holders.  We have only received positive responses from children, staff and parents regarding having the same year groups in each day for the whole week.  Whilst we would prefer to have all the children in all day, everyone is appreciative that we are making the best of the situation/restrictions we have been presented with.

In regards to an update, EDB have made no further announcements and at this stage are requiring all schools to continue with the current model.  They are not accepting applications from primary schools to provide all day lessons for their primary aged children, face to face, so we cannot even push for a full day using the current timetable model.  We have certainly indicated we are ready to go as soon as possible so that know ESF schools can move quickly once they allow us to apply.

Please note that any “through” school that has primary and secondary aged children may be allowed to have secondary students in school for the afternoon but no school, including through schools, are allowed to have primary aged children in school all day.

The model/timetable for the foreseeable future is as below –

You will note that March 22-26 is TBC.  That is simply because we are hoping by then that the EDB will allow us to bring in more children or at least allow us to have the children in all day.  Obviously this will depend on the ongoing Covid situation in Hong Kong.  If the model is to continue, then Year 2, 4 and 6 will come in that week with Year 1, 3 and 5 set to be the year groups in the first week of Term 3.

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