We are still in the process of finalising staff in the Office and hope to have everyone in post by the end of this term.

For your reference and information we have the following staff working in the office:

  • Mia Barnett – Office Administrator – – full time
  • Pam Stanley – Office Manager – General – (works Monday and Thursday)
  • Nicole McMahon – Admissions Officer – (works Tuesday and Fridays)
  • Leo Ng – Finance Officer – – full time

We appointed a PTA administrator just before the CNY holidays but unfortunately she withdrew at the last minute.  Mia Barnett has kindly agreed to support Patrick and Erica (PTA Chair and Vice Chair) in terms of organising the buses until we can find a replacement.  We are hoping to have a PTA Administrator in place in the next week or so as we have already made an offer to someone who is in a position to start on short notice.  We are just checking referees and finalising the appointment.

By the end of the term, ready for the Term 3, we will have in place a full time Office Manager and a part time PTA administrator.  Mia and Leo will continue full time in their respective roles.

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