Olivia (5R) and Lili (6W) have been awarded an “Ambassador of Compassion” from the Fred Hollows Humanity Foundation.  We are very proud of them.

The following is from Chrissy Etchells-Bailey (PYPC)

Olivia Saunders has organised the bulk purchase of fidget toys, and bags and stickers and has spent time with her family to re-bag the toys into individual packs.  She then set up a stall in her building where she sold most of the fidget toy packs and also had a few orders from outside of her building too. Olivia acknowledges how much the fidget toys used at Peak School have helped her with her anxiety and focus and wanted to help other children that have the same needs. She has donated the money to Mind HK, which has more of a connection to the purpose of fidget toys and mental wellbeing. Olivia has made $1750. She also brought one of the packs in to donate to the ‘Learning Zone’ at Peak School.

Lili is passionate about the Charity Mother’s Choice. She did a lot of research and interviewed people from the Mothers choice organisation. She then decided to combine it with her passion for baking. Lili created a website called Baking For Babies. Where people from her building could scan a QR code and order baking from Lili. At last count, she has raised around $2,000-$3,000 for the charity.

Click the link below to visit her website.