Here are the teacher placements for next academic year:


Year 1 – Ruth Maclennan and Mark Evans
Year 2 – Marama Fowke and Gillian Mee
Year 3 – Anna Casley and Lauren Blaik
Year 4 – Rachel Roma and Ben O’Carroll
Year 5 – Sarah Cheng and Steve West
Year 6 – Stephenie Rowe and Jonty Woods
Performing Arts – Jane Engelmann
PE – Jamie Erwin
Chinese – Mary Liu and Abbie Tsang (full time), Judy Li (3 days) and Mirander Wong (2 days)
LET – Loraine Fay and Helen Hattam
Leadership Team
Chiqui Collet
Chrissy Etchells-Bailey
Bill Garnett
Craig Hollingsworth
The “meet your new teacher” event will be 2.20pm on Wednesday 23 June.  This is where the children get to meet their new teacher for next year.


We have had some more movement in the Office, with more to come in the coming weeks.

For your reference and information we have the following staff working in the office:

  • Matilda Ng – Office and Admissions Manager – office@peakschool.edu.hk or admissions@peakschool.edu.hk
  • Mia Barnett – Office Administrator – office@peakschool.edu.hk
  • Leo Ng – Finance Officer – finance@peakschool.edu.hk
  • Joanna Chung – PTA Administrator – pta@peakschool.edu.hk

Matilda replaces Nicole who has had to resign for family reasons.  Matilda started at the beginning of this week so we welcome Matilda to the school community.

Leo is leaving in July and we are currently recruiting for a finance officer to replace him.