As mentioned at the beginning of this academic year we are looking to launch our new ePayment system here at Peak School.  We are one of the trial ESF Schools and Anton, in the office, is busily working in the background to ensure the system will be available in the coming weeks.  In fact, you may have noticed it appearing on Gateway already.

At the moment you don’t have to do anything.  However in the coming weeks, where appropriate, you will receive an e-Notice, via Gateway, about a trip and in the past you would simply give permission and then send a check to make payment.

However, under the new system, as you try to give permission an ePayment option will appear on your screen and the only way you can confirm granting the permission is to make an ePayment.

We will provide a help file in the coming weeks but the days of paying via check or cash are coming to an end.

Please appreciate the system will be new to all of us and whilst ESF have done a lot of testing in the background, we might have the odd issue but ESF are confident it is ready to be launched and we are the first school willing to give it a go!



As you are probably aware our PTA are an extremely active and supportive group.  At the beginning of August they spent over $200,000 ensuring our children and staff are breathing the freshest air policy thanks to the purchase of IQ Air Purifiers for all the teaching spaces.

I am delighted to announce that the PTA have just purchased 9 x water dispensers to ensure our children and staff are also drinking the cleanest water possible.  The cost once again was well over $200,000 so we are extremely grateful and appreciative of the tremendous support we get from our wonderful PTA.

The new water dispensers, in the corridors, will fill water bottles only as we have moved away from the drinking spout for hygiene reasons.  The outdoor units (lower and upper playground) have a drinking spout as well as the ability to fill up the water bottles.

All dispensers have a filter and a sterilising lamp (UV) that will be replaced regularly.

The units are pictured below.  The inside units should be installed in the next week or so and we are hoping to have the outdoor units replaced before Mid Term break (October).


Outdoor Units


Indoor Units



At Peak School our mission is to empower children to become effective communicators, confident critical and enthusiastic life-long learners. We believe that every child can learn, but that not all children learn in the same way. This survey is aimed at helping us to better understand your child. We very much appreciate your time in completing the attached survey.

You are your child’s first and most powerful teacher. You know your child better than anyone and we, as a school, benefit from knowing as much about our children as possible.  As your child’s teacher, I will be your partner this year in providing an enriching year of growth and learning.

Any insights you can share will help me to find out more about your child and the way he or she best learns. Please use this survey to answer only those questions for which you are comfortable sharing information with me. I will ensure this information is used to help your child have a successful year!

Please bring the completed survey to our “You Tell Us” Meeting.  You can download the pdf survey form by clicking HERE.

A reminder of the dates and times of the You Tell Us sessions.



Please appreciate Peak School does not have a contract with the New Luncher nor do we benefit in anyway by having them offer their service to our families at Peak School.  As a school we are allowing the New Luncher to drop off their food at our premises so that it can be delivered to those children who have placed an order.  The contract is between the adult/parent ordering the food and the New Luncher so please direct any concerns or issues to them directly on 2870 2190.

It is simply an option for parents should they wish to purchase food for their child or children.

Please click HERE to learn more about the New Luncher

Please click HERE to learn how to sign up to the New Luncher

Please click HERE to view the September menu

As soon as you register you can start placing orders for your child/ren.


Stephen Loggie presented to some of our Year 5 and 6 parents on Wednesday night.  Please click on the image below to view the presentation.

The Island School rebuild is on track and should be finished March 2022 with an August 2022 start date for all students.

This means that our current Year 4 children will seamlessly join Island School at the new campus on Borrett Road in August 2022.

The below presentation also covers the very impressive Year 13 IB results at Island School as well as the popular University destinations for their graduates.  It also covers the Year 7-13 curriculum and if you would like more information Island School have an open day on August 13 starting at 8.10am – 11am.


Or click the link below –

Island School Presentation


As some of you will know (walkers and car drop off) we have always assembled in the lower playground at 8.15 onwards and at 8.30am we ring a bell and then line up.

We have decided to try something new as the lower playground can get a bit hectic in the morning and for some children this can be an issue.

As of Monday we are given the children the following choices from 8.15 onwards until 8.30am

Children can go to the lower playground

Children can go to the upper playground

Year 5 and 6 children can go up to their classroom and get ready for the day

Children can go to the library (quiet reading)

At 8.28am children will be asked to quietly go to their classes (no lining up) similar to what we do at the end of snack and lunch.

The children have been told about the changes and are excited about the choices.  We will review it in the coming weeks.


You are all invited to attend the Parent Information Evening on Wednesday, 28 August.

The evening has been designed so that you meet your child/s teacher or teachers and learn about the year ahead.

This year we have also invited our “Outside Providers”, those companies that offer extra curricular activities at Peak School, to set up in the lower playground from 6.00pm to 7.30pm. This will enable you to walk around the different booths and learn more about the activity options for your children.

We are also hoping to have the company who is offering to supply lunches for students at the school in the lower playground from 6.00pm – 7.30pm to answer any questions you may have.

1) Classroom Session

In the classroom your child’s teacher will outline their expectations for the year ahead. The schedule is as follows:-

6.00pm – 6.30pm – Year 1 and 2

6.35pm – 7.05pm – Year 5 and 6

7.10pm – 7.40pm – Year 3 and 4


2) Island School Update – Interested Parents

At 7.10pm there here will be a presentation from Stephen Loggie (Principal) and/or Matt Rappel (VP).  They will provide an update regarding Island School.  The session, aimed at our Year 5/6 parents who are sending their children to Island School, will be held in the hall.

We look forward to you joining us on Wednesday 28 August.


Please click HERE to download the Term 1 Extracurricular Activities Timetable.  As you can see from the image below there is a massive range of activities available on a daily basis for our children.


The screenshot below is to provide you with an overview so please download the pdf to view.


Please not that the activities in green are the ones offered by the school and are for Year 5/6 children only.  Year 5/6 parents will be sent an email with details on how to register their child/ren in these school run activities.


From 3pm today you will be able to book your You Tell Us slot on Gateway.  We had hoped to have it all ready by midday today but we have some technical issues that we had to work through regarding new students.

If you know Gateway but have forgotten how to make a booking you can watch the video below as it starts at the section covering booking conferences.

If you are new to Gateway and not sure how it all works, you can still click on the link but I would recommend watching it from the beginning.


This is a repeat of the message sent out at the end of last academic year.
As you may know we are making changes to our uniform over the next year or two.
ESF have centralised the procurement so that we can benefit from economies of scale.  This will mean the uniform should be slightly cheaper and of equal or better quality.
It does mean however we will need to make some comprises including moving away from green shorts and trousers but fortunately we will be able to maintain our green tops.  The PTA and school will work closely together to ensure the changes goes as smoothly as possible.  However, there will be a 18-24 month period where our uniform will be in transition meaning we will be “in between” uniforms.  For example children will be able to wear black or white shorts for PE until we have fully transitioned to black (our only options with the new supplier was dark blue or black so we went black).
This can look look a little messy so we will need your help to ensure no other items “creep” into the change.
One item that will not be changing and the expectation remains that the children wear black leather shoes.  We are starting to see a number of children come to school in black trainers.  These are not the same as black leather shoes and are not part of our day to day uniform.
For PE we have always asked for white trainers but have appreciated white trainers are hard to get or are made of a heavy hot leather.  With that being said, children can wear coloured trainers with their PE uniform moving forward.
However, what they cannot wear are black trainers with their normal school uniform.  The shoes need to be black leather shoes that are either lace up or smart velcro.  
We will be informing parents if their child is coming to school with the wrong type of black shoes.  Uniform is a collective responsibility and should not just be left up to the school to monitor.
If you receive a Uniform Notice from the class teacher please respond to ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform as soon as possible.