We had another terrific turnout at the Chinese Workshop on Thursday with nearly 60 parents present.

There were some very thoughtful and interesting points made which the school will follow up on in the coming weeks and months.

As promised a copy of the presentation is now available –  Chinese Presentation Oct 2012

Also we were asked about iPad applications we could recommend.  Initially, please find below, a repeat of the list I posted in a previous blog post earlier this year.  In the coming weeks we will endeavor to build on this list as well as provide useful web links and other resources to help you support your child or children at home.

My thanks to the Chinese team for their presentation on Thursday and my thanks also goes to Xiaoping Wang, advisor for Chinese at ESF, for his contribution to the presentation.

I spoke to our Chinese teachers about the applications they use on the iPads, donated from the PTA, to help our children learn Chinese at school. Please note that some are generic applications that have uses across all curriculum areas.
They recommended the following applications (in no particular order);

1. ScreenChomp and  Sock Puppets – mostly for listening and speaking activities (Y1 to Y6)
2. Drawing Pad, for writing (Y1Y2)
3. WordTracer-CN as a dictionary (Y3 to Y6)
4. Notes, for writing (Y3 to Y6). An excellent app to reinforce the Chinese character writing principle (children need to follow the right stroke order to get the right characters on the handwriting mode.)
5. Pinyin (Y3 to Y6)
6.  Pleco and KTdict C-E (Chinese dictionaries)
7.  ChinesePad (writing)

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