We are pleased to inform you that, in collaboration with the ESF Centre, we are currently exploring the possibility to offer French mother tongue classes for native students of Years 1-6.

Further to the below details regarding the course, we would be grateful if you could confirm your interest by replying to Mr. Benoit Bardin: by Wednesday 2nd October.

Mr. Bill Garnett – Principal – Peak School

Mr. Benoit Bardin – First Language Programmes Coordinator – ESF Centre


Course details:

  • Classes will be held after school (3:00 pm) on Wednesday afternoons on Peak School campus and last 60-90 minutes (exact duration will be determined at a later stage). Classes will combine native students from different year groups.
  • Class start: After Mid-term break (exact date to be confirmed).
  • Teacher: Ms. Geraldine Wdonwicki.
  • Fees: Payment will be made through the ESF Centre on a term basis, following Peak School academic calendar (2019-2020).

4-5 students (minimum): 150 HK$/student/hour + Administration fees: 200HK$/student/term

6-10 students: 100 HK$/student/hour + Administration fees: 200HK$/student/term


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