ESF have reviewed the Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) program across all schools.  A new curriculum program for RSE has been developed and the intention was for this to be introduced in Term 3 of last year but owing to the Hong Kong situation across the year, the staff training was suspended.  Hence we were unable to introduce it to our children in Term 3 as planned.

This year we are looking at training our staff in Term 2 with a view of introducing the new comprehensive RSE program in Term 3 this academic year.  We will provide parent information sessions next term so that all parents can learn about the new RSE program in greater detail.

The RSE program roll out is being led by Chiqui Colet and Rachel Roma.

The ESF RSEpolicy is informed by WHO guidance on Standards for Sexuality Educationand references material from the Victoria State Government Dept of Education and Early Childhood development,Australia

Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) in ESF is:

  • developmentally appropriate to the student’s level of understanding as informed by research and best practice
  • relevant to young people’s lives
  • based on a holistic concept of wellbeing
  • based on gender equality, self-determination and the acceptance of diversity
  • based on scientifically accurate information
  • cognisant of the Hong Kong and international context
  • sensitive to culture and values of families


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