Just following on from my previous post I would like to thank those parents who have feedback directly to me to indeed through a PTA member.

I just wanted to clarify that the Scholarship, should it go ahead, would not be restricted to an orphan or refugee.  That is one idea but it could also apply to those families who cannot afford an English speaking school but are unable to send their children to a local school owing to the language barrier.  There are lots of possibilities including part payment or full subsidy.

At the moment we are simply gauging if there is appetite or a strong desire as a community to commit to such an idea both in terms of support (including financial support).  Once we have established if there is a strong desire then we can start to look at the finer details of what it might look like.  We are not the first school to potential offer a scholarship so the mechanics around how to select the children etc would not be a new idea or approach.

Please take the time to talk to one of our PTA members or myself re your thoughts on the above.

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